Advertising Your Business Using These Underpriced Avenues

When it comes to starting your own business, it takes long hours and dedication like you’ve never used before. Funding is certainly a sensitive topic within this area and when first starting out, can be a real pain point. When marketing, you can use your personal connections and use your own personal social medias, but there are effective ways to spread the word of your business and do so very inexpensively. Marketing is a very effective tool if you know how to use it correctly. Throughout this article, I’m going to give you a couple avenues to market that are not only effective, but also very inexpensive compared to the alternative options.


Everyone seems to have a Facebook these days, and what is surprising is it spans all age groups. It is not limited to 20 year olds or teenagers, which works heavily in your favor. Facebook advertising is very simple and you can spend a little as $5 to effectively market your business for a day. How it works is you promote your page or post, and then you can narrow your audience to as specific as you want. What also works is if you only have say $20, you can choose to use $5 a day over 4 days, which can spread your advertising over a length in time. For someone who is just starting out or if you are a seasoned veteran, Facebook is a great option to use in your marketing campaign.


Extremely similar to Facebook, Instagram works the same way budget wise and audience specific. However, Instagram in my opinion is the better option as you can use the advertisement, but you could also spend some funding on influencers in your niche market. It is simple as sending a direct message to the person and asking how much it would cost to promote your product. This may cost slightly more than you are willing to spend, but check it out and see what the going rates are for your industry. Again, you could spend as little as $5 for an effective ad for the day, or spend more and spread it out across the week.

Twitter & Snapchat

Twitter still has potential for advertisement, but it certainly is not the most effective. Using that platform would be a compliment to the others once you have those up and running. Snapchat however, is a great platform because you can purchase a filter for small sums of money for certain geographical location. You pay by the hour, which can allow you to effectively advertise during a large even when many people gather, and not break the bank.

Advertising on a budget can be a challenge, but the current market has certainly given people a cheaper alternative to the traditional ways of advertising. Take some time to get familiar with the products and then allocate some of your funds to them, deciding for yourself it is effective. The worst that will happen is you’re out $50 to $100 for the length of your campaign, and you can simply move on to the next marketing product. Again, it is about making your dollars work smarter, not harder.

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